Fox Hunting

by paddyjackson

I have read a lot over the last few weeks about fox hunting and have been hearing loads of it over the last year. I love to play devils advocate when people get on their high horse about something so I have decided to set myself a little challenge.
Give an argument for and against Fox Hunting. Links to the entries can be found below.
Some background.
I was raised in Northern Ireland and am not adverse to hunting having shot many a rat, rabbit, crow, pigeon, hare etc. In fact I would have shot pretty much anything that moved for the first 17 years of my life. This was in part due to my father being of a similar ilk ie if it moves its edible, not entirely true. I also went fishing a lot. This is not to say that I was cruel but more on that some other time. I am telling everyone this in order to get everything out in the open before I start each of the entries. I am going to find it hard to give a good argument for one of them but I will leave it a while before I express which one I believe in.
Please note that I will be employing every tactic in the book to convince you one way or the other. People with open minds will love this sort of thing, zealots from both sides of the fence can go fsck themselves. I don’t agree with the currrent trend of violent activism that seems to be the trend today. We all have the vote!
Let me also say that I disagree with the parliament act being invoked to settle this affair. I don’t think railroading an act through parliamanent is a good idea. However if both the Lords and Commons sees fit to ban or not ban fox hunting then I would abide by their decision. I am a beliver in the ballot box.
For Fox Hunting
Against Fox Hunting