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Month: September, 2004

Eastacott Barton House

http://www.eastacott.com/devon-bed-and-breakfast.htm>is simply magnificent
We went gliding at the weekend and we wanted to stay somewhere close to the airfield and Jenny found Eastacott house. I had my reservations about it but thats because I have stayed in more bad b&b’s than good ones.
My mind was soon put to rest on arrival at the house. To start, the grounds are absolutely stunning. The man of the house is a keen gardner and he has done a fine job on the grounds. I don’t know how he managed it but it looked as if the garden had just been done for our arrival.
The room we stayed in was called Honeysuckle and was huge. It was quite funny when we walked in and couldn’t see the bathroom. We quickly realised that the door to what we thought was a wardrobe led to a bathroom which is as big as a double room complete with Jacuzzi.
What I really liked was the little touches.
1. On arrival at the house they both come out to meet us which I thought was just lovely, its such a rare courtesy nowdays that it suprised me.
2. The room had a stereo and classical music was playing
3. There were a few little biscuits in a tin beside the bed (I love shortbread).
If you are after a place to stay then look no further. It is not the cheapest but it’s certainly one of the best B&B’s I have stayed in.

Update on Plico

From humble beginnings we have now got 28 processors working away and we have now broke the 3000th place barrier. We have gained several new members in the last week.
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Imagine my suprise seeing my name dragged through the gutter.
Harry’s Place
For those that are wondering what I am talking about have a look at

Open University M203 Pure Mathematics Course

Is driving me nuts. The last block ie
Analysis B
is trying to cover so much ground so fast I have hardly got time to catch my breath. This is in part due to my preparation ie
These courses are meant to be adequate preparation for M203 but having just started reading.
Hardy G. H: A Course of Pure Mathematics.
Courant R: Differential and Integral Calculus Vol. 1
they seem to spend a lot more time on the fundamentals of calculus ie limits and functions than I ever did previously. Hardy’s book is very explanatory but hard to follow and deserves some concentration but so far I have found the first few pages a treat to read. I like the way “he preaches to the cannibals” which is just what I need.
I am not sure if MST121 and MS221 are enough preparation for M203. I have done very well in all of my coursework but my algebra is just not up to scratch. I can tell this when I am reading some of the material and they appear to make leaps from one bit to another. If you are thinking about doing M203 or the next course M208 then make sure that you have a good grounding in algebra. The best arena for brushing up on your algebra or at least for me is “real analysis” particularly sequences limits and series.
I have decided I won’t be attempting Complex Analysis M337 next year because my algebra is just not hot enough yet. I will do it in 2 years time when the course runs again. Its a shame because I really wanted to do M337 next year.

More members for plico

We recruited 2 new members today.
I am not sure who recruited them but its a good addition to the team. We have now got 17 processors active and we might be getting another one over the weekend.
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Team Plico

Will AKA plico has just joined team plico and overtook me straight away. Or was it Christian because he joined using plico as well. We have now got 4 members and our current team position is.
9130 of 32877

Harry Google result

242 out of 23,700,000 on Google for “Harry”.

Folding@home Rank Update

Individual Rank: 273523 of 369286
Team Rank: 10690 of 32865
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Protein Folding

Team plico logo

I have been a member of SETI and distributed.net at one time or another but I found Folding@Home. Unlike SETI and distributed.net Folding@Home is a medical project which is the main reason why I decided to join and start a team. I like the idea of SETI and the other distributed projects but I would rather my cycles went towards curing cancer or some other disease than to finding prime numbers or looking for aliens.

Team details as follows:
Team Name: plico ( Latin: to fold )
Team Number: 39250
Why did I not join an already existing team?
Unlike some people who want to join one of the best teams and start at the top I prefer to start at the bottom and work at it. However, it would be nice to get other members. So, if you would like to join team plico then download the software and just follow the instructions. Its very simple.
I have also thrown together a Home page for the team