Abbey Business Account Shambles

by paddyjackson

If I were to ask you what the most fundamental things a bank must never do I am sure there are a few who would pick the following answer.
Loose your money
To open an abbey business account you need to deposit £50+ worth of cash. I opened an account with £120 and guess what? The account opened but the money was missing.
I have spent several weeks trying to get through to someone on the phone about this matter. I spoke to someone a few weeks ago at the weekend and was told I had to call them during the week but they would get someone to call me. Guess what, no call.
I went with this Business Account because it looked like a good deal but I am slowly realizing that it might not have been a good idea, their customer service is severely limited. Every time I phone during the week I get held up in queues for twenty minutes.
As an update: It took me two years to get the money. Yes, they kept the money for 24 months. If I was to withhold money from any company that long I would end up in court. However, I was warned that if I tried to take them to court that I might not get the full amount back especially if I did not put in enough effort to get it. It seems crazy that a company can hold your money and then you need to work to get it back out of them.
Abbey never apologized or gave me any interest on this money. Surely there must be some law in the UK to protect people against this sort of behaviour?