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Month: November, 2008

Cannot open your terminal ‘/dev/pts/0’ – please check.

I always get this error when I am working i a chroot trying to use screen. In the past I have fixed it using the following command.

mount -t devpts devpts /usr/CHROOT/dev/pts

When this fails another alternative is the following:

script /dev/null

Its a bit of a hack but it gets the job done.

Error opening video_out vo device

If you get the above erro then check the following file

$ grep vo_driver $HOME/.mplayer/gui.conf
vo_driver = “xmga”

It should read:

vo_driver = “x11”

Atom Schema or DTD

There is none. Stop looking!

Neither W3C Schema’s or Relax NG are capable of describing the the Atom specification so if you want a compliant validator you’ll need to write your own.

For a thread on the issue see:

No W3C Schema for Atom

I also ran into an interesting thread where James Clark puts forward Relax NG as a serious alternative to W3C Schema.

Relax NG vs W3C Schema

Having dealt with both I can say I prefer Relax NG. Its simpler.

Recover Movable Type Admin Password

This works on MT4

update mt_author set author_password = encrypt('YOUR PASSWORD HERE') where author_id = YOUR ID HERE;