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New Job

Started my new job today. So I think I might be getting very busy very soon. I am now employed as Assistant Webmaster at the Associaltion of Commonwealth Universities.
The sites that I am involved in are as follows:
Marshall Scholarship
All being well there might be a few other things to get my teeth into.

Another Google Find

I found a reference to my brother, Lee Jackson while sarching for information on our family name etc. There is not really much there just that he won a darts match. Its weird when you just happen to come across it.

No time anymore.

I remember when I was a kid that I always seemed to bored out of my scull. I could never find anything that I wanted to do, I had no hobbies that did not involve something I shouldn’t be doing and there was not really an awful lot to do in Cullybackey.
Things did not change when I joined the Navy. This is one organisation that makes watching a kettle boil positively exhilarating. I decided to leave the Navy after 8 years of mental abuse from which I think I have made a full recovery. I am only thankfull I was not in when we went to the gulf to take part in what I think may become one of the biggest fiascos of this century.
Since leaving the Navy 3 years ago I have not got enough hours in the day and it seems to be getting worse. We where taught time management in the Navy ie. if you don’t manage it you are in the shit but I seem to be struggling to do everything I want to do and the list just keeps getting longer.
Looking back I wouldn’t change anything but I sometimes crave for an hour of boredom.

Left Job

Officially left Colt-telecom today. If anyone is ever offered a job there, take it. It is a nice place to work and they have a go-getter attitude in everything they do. There was quite a bit of restructuring that was taking place when I left but I imagine once that is over it will be an even nicer place to work.

Gardening Leave

I was given “Gardening Leave” today. What this means is that I am on paid holiday. Colt did not have to do it but it is nice to get some time to decide what I want to do with my life. I really want to become a developer so I am going to concentrate on that. I also need to decide if I am going to look for a job straight away or not.
I have decided to do Maths next year and I have not done any since Collingwood 94. This means that I am tempted to take the year off work to refresh my Maths and to concentrate on some personal goals. The thought of doing Maths and building websites in my spare time while trying to hold down a job I do not want to be in is not very appealing to me.


Was in a horrendous crash at the weekend 8 Aug 2002. A 40 ton truck decided to move from the fast lane into the slow lane immediately on coming out of a roundabout. Needless to say both Jenny and I where in the slow lane. We where pinned in front of the truck for about 100 metres before we where flipped into the central reservation. We where close enough to the grill of the Lorry to feel the heat from it.

Family Tree

I was rummagin around in google a while back looking to see if I could find anything relating to my family and I managed to turn up the following link.
The guy who runs the site is a relation of mine who now lives in America. It took me by suprise to realise that this information has probably been on there for years without me knowing. I also had no idea that I had these relatives living in America.
Its a small world.