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Pay to dispplay Jobs

I have had a recent spate of people spamming the job site. I knew this would happen eventually. The site has PR6, this means that spammers think if they have a link on the site it will leak enough pagerank to warrant spamming it. This has meant that a lot of spammers have been putting fake job adverts on the site.
I suppose the only way around this is to ask for money since it is really only cost that will stop a spammer, i.e. if it costs more to spam the site than they get back in return then they are not going to do it, I hope 😉

Google index results

These are my index counts for a particular keyword with the new google “BigDaddy” infrastrucure.
Datacenter: Index Count 30700 31200 30700 31300 30700 30100 31300 31200 31300 31300 31300 30700 30700 31200 31300 31300 30700 30700 31300 31100 31100 31200 31200 31300 30100

Rss Jobs Search Engine

I have now got over 50 job feeds in the database and I am still looking for more. If you know of an RSS Job feed that is not currently in the database please let me know and I will add it.

microsoft.com jobs feed

I have just added all of the microsoft.com jobs to the Rss Jobs search engine. They have now been indexed.
Now all I need to do is find several more large corporates to add to UKlug. If anyone has any suggestions then please feel free to let me know.

More RSS Job Feeds

I managed to find another 3 rss job feeds today for the RSS Jobs website.
That takes me back up to 19 job feeds in total. I had to take 3 of the feeds off earlier in the week because they were just duplicate jobs so I decided to go looking for some more.
As usual if you find an rss job feed please let me know and I will add it to the database.

Job Search Statistics

I have added some job search statistics to RSS Job feed website. Every search is now added to a table and counted so that I can see which searches are the most popular.
Most Common Job Search Words

Uklug Cleanup

I started cleaning up the back end of the RSS jobs site today. This mainly involved tidying up some cron jobs. There was one change that I had to make because a couple of the larger rss job feeds that I get have duplicate entries in them. This means people searching the site would get lots of jobs duplicated in their results. This is not good so I added some checks to stop the duplicates getting in. There are probably still a few problems with the smaller sites but I can deal with them as I encounter them.
I would dearly love to move the site to templates but that is a fairly large job so it can wait, besides why fix that which is not broken.
I suppose I should really fix the HTML at some point but that can wait until the move to Template Toolkit 😉